Waking up early, extensive reading, reflecting on the reading, sitting quiet, relaxing. Concentrating on reproducing in my mind a photograph I previously observed in detail, is one of the required tasks of this week to stay on course. Talking about course, I forgot to procure myself today a compass.

We are starting to make a transformation from passive recipients of circumstances created by our environment and sphere of influence, to active directors of the type of life and circumstances we want to experience.

The sitting still after the extensive reading is giving me the opportunity to impress in my subconscious mind the direction and requests I want to take and experience. My conscious mind is getting filled with the type of thoughts I want to transfer to the subconscious, and the transfer is taking place.

Am I succeeding? Not necessarily, but progress definitely I am perceiving. I am forcing myself to complete my tasks. it makes me remember the saying that says “If you shoot for the moon you might land in a start” or something close to it. The journey is where success is, not the achievement of the goal. The journey will turn you into the person you want to become.

I will let you know what else happened next in week 7.

Thank you for taking the time to read these lines. I am very grateful to you.