This week we did not have a formal webinar but a meeting where Mark taught us more details about the Hero’s journey. We also had the opportunity to view a video shared with us where we learned about body language and the importance of posture to express power and the lack of it or submission.

we have studied and learned for long that the mind through our brain can influence our body and switch or create emotional feelings, to become happy, sad, enthusiastic and passive. It wasn’t till recently that studies have demonstrated that our body has the capacity to influences our brain and emotions.

This lesson represents a very powerful short cut to help us create the circumstances and results we want. By forming the habit of practicing for as short as a couple of minutes, some specific postures, we can face challenges better prepared, confident and expecting the results we desire.

Basically, body postures of open arms, straight positions, relaxed confident postures, communicate to ourselves and the people we are interacting with, that we are the people they want to put in charge, assign the the task, rely on us. The opposite, a low, bent, retracted position, communicates insecurity, lack of energy, weakness.

From now on, we have a new tool in our tool box, to help us influence our subconscious mind and modify the circumstances or experiences that we want to live in our lives.

Life is beautiful, let’s keep appreciating it and find the best of it at every moment.

I promise to work harder looking for happiness.

I always keep my promises.