Success is an effect, thought is a cause. When we want to create an effect we have to find the cause and work with it. Money is a part of society, it is interweaved in it. Desire is the magnet to attract money, fear is the biggest obstacle to access money. We can make money by making friends, and we can make more money when we can help others make money. You can make a money magnet of yourself, but to do so you have to first figure out how to make money for other people.

Thought is creative, the problem is most time we use the creative power of thought wrong. When we think of loss, sadness and sorrow, it stand to reason that we will get more loss, sadness and sorrow. When we think on gain, we will get more gain.

We are not a body with spirit, we are a spirit with a body so we will never get the complete satisfaction in any endeavor unless the end result it is an spiritual experience. Spirit is the essence of Consciousness, the substance of Mind, the reality underlying thought. It is reasonable to hold that a true understanding of Spirit, and its law of manifestation, would be the most “practical” thing that a “practical” person can hope to find.

If we recognize the Omnipotent power that is the source of all supply, we will adjust our consciousness to this supply in such a way that it will constantly attract all that is necessary to itself and we shall find that the more we give, the more we get. giving inn this sense implies service. The banker gives his money, the merchant his goods, the author his thoughts, the workman gives his skill; all have something to give, but the more they can give, the more they get, and the more they get the more they are enabled to give.

Let’s concentrate in giving.